Electrical Safety Bill 2021 - Online Information Sessions

These online sessions will provide information on proposed changes to the Northern Territory’s electrical safety laws.

The Electrical Safety Bill 2021 was introduced during the November 2021 sittings of the Northern Territory Legislative Assembly and the public comment period on the bill is currently open.

The purpose of the Bill is to improve public safety and prevent people from being injured or killed by electricity, and prevent property from being damaged or destroyed. The scope of the Bill applies to any place where electricity is transmitted or used, including domestic residences and public places.

Who should register and attend?

These online sessions will outline how the proposed changes will affect the following stakeholders:

  • Electrical contractors.
  • Electrical workers.
  • Businesses who sell electrical appliances (including second hand goods).
  • Land owners, including home owners.

Information covered

The 30 minute online session will cover the following information:

  • Brief background on the development of the Bill, including the recommendations from a 2019 review into the electrical safety and licencing frameworks in the Northern Territory.
  • How the Bill consolidates and modernises electrical safety and licencing legislation.
  • New consumer protection against dodgy electrical work, including the introduction of Improvement Notices and Rectification Notices.
  • A new disciplinary process for electrical contractors and workers.
  • Adoption of the Electrical Equipment Safety Scheme and its impact on retail businesses.
  • New requirements for vegetation management for landowners, including home owners.

An opportunity for questions and answers will follow the presentation.

Session times

Register your attendance on Eventbrite via the links below.

Further information

Further information on the proposed changes to the electrical safety laws is available here.

NT WorkSafe
1800 019 115