Media Statement - Lightning Strike Incident

  • NT WorkSafe has commenced enquiries after receiving notification on Tuesday 23 November that a worker being injured from a lightning strike incident.
  • Preliminary findings indicate three workers were working from the back of a trailer being towed by a tractor on a mango farm when lightning struck a nearby tree.
  • It appears the lightning has arced from the tree towards the trailer injuring the three workers.
  • One worker was admitted to the ICU in a critical condition.
  • The two other workers were taken to the ED, and NT WorkSafe inspectors made preliminary enquiries with those two workers.
  • NT WorkSafe can confirm the workers are foreign nationals who entered Australia as part of the seasonal worker program.
  • Information we have on hand are the workers are aged 30, 31 and 34.
  • NT WorkSafe’s enquires are still ongoing to determine an appropriate regulatory response and we are unable to provide any further information.
  • Once NT WorkSafe has sufficient information and clarity on the incident, an incident notification or safety alert will be published, if required.

Background information

  • To explain our process to determine an appropriate regulatory response, NT WorkSafe conducts enquires into all incidents and complaints to determine the appropriate course of action. If an incident or complaint has resulted from businesses or organisations not understanding their work health and safety obligations, NT WorkSafe Inspectors will work with them and provide information and advice.
  • If we find more systemic issues, including uncontrolled risks within the workplace, Inspectors will issue notices to direct the business or organisation to comply with safety standards under our legislative framework.
  • If it is determined that a serious incident could have resulted from potential breaches of duty under the work health and safety laws, NT WorkSafe will commence an investigation.
  • An enquiry may take some time, especially for large organisations, as Inspectors will seek to interview all relevant workers and management to establish and verify the facts. This may require the Inspector to conduct multiple interactions with specific individuals.
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