Safety focus turns to risk of falls in workplaces in Safe Work Month

WorkSafe Inspectors will turn their focus to the risk of falls in workplaces this week as part of their proactive engagement with industry during National Safe Work Month.

Slips, trips and falls are the third most common mechanism of injury for Territory workers, accounting for over 20 percent of all serious injury claims in the Northern Territory during 2019-20. This has resulted in a total of 1090 weeks of lost time to Territory industry, and NT WorkSafe’s Strategic Plan highlights this as a priority area for improvement.

NT WorkSafe encourages industry to take steps to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls in their workplace, and this week Inspectors will be visiting businesses to provide information and advice about how to do this.

At the halfway point of National Safe Work Month, WorkSafe Inspectors have completed over 350 proactive engagements with Territory businesses.

The Northern Territory’s Work Health and Safety Regulator Bill Esteves urges all Territory businesses and workers to embrace the National Safe Work Month theme of Think Safe. Work Safe. Be Safe.

“Our strategic plan puts most of our stock in prevention led activities and everyone can contribute by making an effort to minimise slip, trip and fall hazards in their workplace.”

“If you see something that has the potential to cause a slip, trip or fall, look after for your co-workers and yourself and do something about it,” Mr Esteves said.

Disappointingly, NT WorkSafe continues to receive reports of workers who are taking unacceptable risks to their health and safety. In a recent incident last week, two workers were working on a ten-storey roof without fall prevention.

“Working on top of multiple storey buildings without fall prevention is inexcusable,“ Mr Esteves said.

“Statistically, the odds are against workers who take this type of shortcut, and sadly, the consequences are often devastating.”

“Together we need to make sure we all return home safely, and this begins with calling out this type of irresponsible and illegal risk taking,” said Mr Esteves.

The community expect a firm approach to this type of behaviour, and industry have a significant part to play by building a safety culture, and making it clear to their workers that risk taking is not acceptable. The community also play an important role by reporting workplace health and safety incidents.

NT WorkSafe asks Territory businesses and workers to take some time during October and commit to creating a healthier and safer workplace.

Registrations are still open for a number of free webinars, details and information on how you can get involved in National Safe Work Month is available on the NT WorkSafe website.

NT WorkSafe has issued an incident information on the latest working at heights incident.

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