2022 Amendments to the Work Health and Safety Regulations

In support of the Territory Economic Reconstruction Commission recommendations, amendments have been made to Regulation 320 of the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Regulations 2011 which deals with the content of general construction induction training cards or ‘white cards’. These amendments will commence on 25 May 2022. The legislation changes are:

Regulation 320(a)(v)

Regulation 320(a)(v) has been amended by replacing the phrase “the State in which the card was issued” with “that the card was issued in the Territory”. This amendment corrects the minor drafting error pertaining to the Northern Territory’s constitutional status and further clarifies that NT white cards should be issued only in the Territory.

Regulation 320(b)

Regulation 320(b) has been amended by replacing the phrase “contain the card holder’s signature” with “if the card was issued in hard copy – be signed by the card holder”. This amendment clarifies that a card holder’s signature is only required for physical white cards and not for the soon-to-be launched digital versions.

Regulation 320(c)

Regulation 320(c) has been added by specifying that white cards must “state or contain any other information as determined by the regulator”. This inclusion allows white cards to bear other content such as a photographic identifier as a way of strengthening identity verification and preventing fraud.

For more information on white cards, please visit this link.