Electrical safety - Notices of Non-Compliance

This information has been developed to inform industry, electrical contractors and electricians of the procedures in place when 'Notices of Non-Compliance' are issued.


1. In accordance with the Electricity Reform Act 2000, an electrical installation that does not comply with the Act, the Electricity Reform (Safety And Technical) Regulations 2000 (the Regulations), the Wiring Rules or the requirements of the Network Operator (e.g. Power and Water Corporation) is non-compliant.

2. An Authorised Officer will issue the non-compliance on the approved form ‘NOTICE OF NON COMPLIANCE’.

3. All non-compliance/s shall be remedied within the allocated time frame.

4. A copy of the notice indicating that the non-compliance/s are rectified and ready for re-inspection shall be lodged by the Electrical Contractor with the Authorised Officer, prior to the date for rectification.

5. Evidence of rectification/s in the form of photographs or similar may be included.

6. If the rectification/s of the Non-Compliance/s requires further electrical installation work or significant modifications then the electrical contractor is required to submit a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) for the work undertaken.

7. An Authorised Officer may also request a CoC under certain circumstances. Refer to Certificates of Compliance (CoC) - Electrical Safety, for guidance on issuing CoCs in the Northern Territory.

8. Failure to comply with all requirements by the date for rectification specified will result in regulatory action being taken and may include infringement, disconnection or other action as applicable.

9. If you are unable to comply within the time period or wish to appeal the decision, you must contact the Authorised Officer within 14 days from the date of issue of the notice.

10. Alterations to the notice or its requirements may not be considered without extensive supporting evidence.