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In the Northern Territory, workers' compensation insurance is compulsory for every employer who is not a self-insurer. Despite the best intentions, accidents can happen. As a business owner, you want to protect yourself - and your employees.

Any business that employs or hires workers on a full-time, part-time or casual basis, under an oral or written contract of service or apprenticeship, must have workers' compensation insurance that covers all workers.

If you are a director of a company, you are only covered if your company has taken out a workers' compensation policy with an approved insurer and your personal details and your remuneration have been disclosed to the insurer.

If the business is owned by an individual or partnership (not a company) family members of those individuals are only covered if their personal details and their remuneration are disclosed to the manner.

If a worker suffers a workplace injury or disease, the employers’ workers' compensation insurance policy may provide the injured worker with weekly benefits, medical and hospital expenses, rehabilitation services, certain personal items and a lump sum payment for permanent impairment on the basis set by the particular scheme.

Only insurance companies approved by NT WorkSafe are able to sell employers in the Northern Territory a workers' compensation insurance policy.

Insurance premiums are market driven and set by individual insurers based upon claims performance.

If a worker suffers a workplace injury or disease, the NT WorkSafe 'workers' compensation claim form' is the only approved form for lodging a workers' compensation claim in the Northern Territory.

Both the injured worker and the employer must complete the claim form by following the instructions included with the form.

The Nominal Insurer

The Nominal Insurer is established by the Return to Work Act 1986 as a corporation by the name of the Nominal Insurer. The Nominal Insurer provides a safety net to injured workers who are left without compensation through the actions of their employer.

The cost of providing this protection is met by every Northern Territory employer who does the right thing and obtains a compulsory workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Employers who avoid their workers’ compensation responsibilities drive up the premium costs.

Through community awareness and action, those employers who avoid their workers’ compensation responsibilities can be brought to account. Report fraud and non-compliance to NT WorkSafe on 1800 250 713.

Important changes to workers' compensation legislation

Amendments have been made to the Workers' Rehabilitation and Compensation Legislation after a review into the NT Workers' Compensation Scheme. The scheme provides no fault coverage for eligible workers who are injured at work and supports injured workers financially whilst they are assisted to return to work.

Read further information on the information on the Changes to the Workers' Compensation Legislation.

Video Resources

The below videos have been developed to give businesses helpful information about workers compensation:

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