Who is an insurer?

Insurers and self-insurers

Insurers are integral to the workers’ compensation system in the Northern Territory. They assess claims made by workers, and protect employers against compensation for accepted claims.

The Northern Territory Workers' Compensation Scheme is handled by approved insurers and self-insurers.

All financial risk is carried by the approved insurers and self-insurers, who are also responsible for managing the claims process.

Approved insurers and self-insurers are provided with 'Workers' Compensation Best Practice Guidelines’. These guidelines are not law but are a framework which approved insurers should adopt. They are intended as minimum standards which approved insurers are encouraged to improve upon.

You can obtain insurance cover from any of the insurers approved by NT WorkSafe to provide workers’ compensation insurance in the Northern Territory.

The following insurance companies are currently approved under the Return to Work Act 1986:

Self-insurers are employers who have applied to and satisfied NT WorkSafe that they have the financial viability and skilled resources to manage workers' compensation claims for their workers. They have full responsibility for meeting their claims liabilities.

The following are approved under the 'Return to Work Act' as self-insurers in the Northern Territory:

Northern Territory Government

The Northern Territory Government (NTG) is exempt from the compulsory insurer provisions under the Act and carries the financial risk for its own workers. Gallagher Bassett is contracted to manage workers’ compensation claims on behalf of the Government.

The Nominal Insurer

The Nominal Insurer, established by the 'Return to Work Act 1986' provides a safety net to injured workers who are left without compensation through the actions of their employer.

The cost of providing this protection is met by every Northern Territory employer who does the right thing and obtains a compulsory workers’ compensation insurance policy.

Through community awareness and action, those employers who avoid their workers’ compensation responsibilities can be brought to account. Report fraud and non-compliance to NT WorkSafe.

Insurance broker

You may find it beneficial to use an insurance broker to negotiate with an insurer on your behalf.

The National Insurance Brokers Association (NIBA) is the recognised Australian professional body for insurance brokers. Members must be accredited, licensed insurance brokers operating in Australia.

Insurance brokers don’t have a legislated role in the 'Return to Work Act 1986', however, all reputable insurance brokers are governed by a strong Code of Practice that provides clear guidelines for brokers operating within the workers’ compensation system.

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