Safety Alerts

A Safety Alert is an urgent, short communication that describes a work practice, incident or item that NT WorkSafe believes presents an immediate risk and requires corrective action. A Safety Alert provides background information, contributing factors and outlines controls, which NT WorkSafe has identified as practical measures that may assist eliminate or reduce the risk.

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Alerts Date Issued
Worker seriously injured after fall from make shift forklift workbox 16 September 2022
Safety warning for Grey Nomads to stop using Swift 500 series caravan gas cookers 15 June 2022
Product Safety Recall: Davey Water Products Pty Ltd — Spa Quip 800 and 1200 Spa Controllers 12 April 2022
Power tool battery fires 10 February 2022
Risk of lightning strikes to outdoor workers 30 November 2021
Asbestos in Imported Paddlewheel Aerators for Aquaculture 15 September 2021
Forklift stability when carrying loads 19 April 2021
Product Safety Recall - ESS Home Energy Storage System Batteries 26 February 2021
Securing residential construction sites from unauthorised access 01 February 2021
Dangers of unguarded machinery and plant 01 February 2021
Asbestos identified in Shantui Forklifts 02 December 2020
Asbestos in acetylene cylinders 02 December 2020
Asbestos in the brakes of manual hand pallet trucks 02 December 2020
Damaged, defective or degraded overhead electrical infrastructure 23 November 2020
Fall protection reduces risk of falling overboard 10 November 2020
Dual lift operations using forklifts not recommended 04 November 2020
Dangers associated with angle grinders 04 November 2020
Gas explosion risk from built-in LP gas barbecues 30 October 2020
Dangers of using pressurised canisters 09 September 2020
Chain recoil causes fatal injuries 25 June 2020
Serious incidents occurring due to unguarded voids on construction sites 17 April 2020
Serious crush injury highlights lack of risk assessment of plant 09 April 2020
Worker burned during refuelling 31 January 2020
Power off switchboards before entering ceiling space 14 January 2020
Vehicle hoist fatality 29 November 2019
Collapse of concrete placing boom 12 November 2019
Lifting clutch failure 12 November 2019
Isolation of solar from backup generators 28 October 2019
Maintenance and modifications causing fire risks in heavy vehicles and mobile plant 25 October 2019
Securely restrain excavator buckets and attachments before transportation 11 October 2019
Safety alert to caravan owners, agents and manufacturers 11 October 2019
DC Solar isolator fire 02 October 2019
Ride failure highlights the need for rigorous inspection and testing of amusement rides 24 June 2019
Serious crush injury highlights failure of safety in building and plant design 15 May 2019
Hazards of using load skates 15 May 2019
Asbestos in insulation component of battery-operated bee smokers 17 April 2019
Safe use of tractors fitted with a trailing turf mower 01 March 2019
Electrical safety risks in ceiling spaces 19 December 2018
Asbestos in Bunsen burner gauze mats 30 November 2018
Managing the risk of sea snake bites in the fishing and aquaculture industry 21 November 2018
Crane owners, operators urged to conduct safety checks 14 September 2018
Transportation risk of horizontally mounted fire extinguishers on plant and equipment 20 August 2018
Safe Access/Egress to Marine Vessels in Port 01 August 2018
Minimum safety clearance distance and exclusion zones for display fireworks 23 May 2018
Risk of fire in old power factor correction assemblies 23 April 2018
Using back-up generators with Solar PV installations 28 March 2018
Emergency plans and aftermath 21 March 2018
Burnout competitions 27 September 2017
Use of 240 volt submersible pumps 18 July 2017
Managing marine infections in the fishing and aquaculture industry 12 July 2017
Commercial transport of recalled Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phones 21 December 2016
Maintenance and risk management of large trees and palms 04 October 2016
Flood damage – Alice Springs 21 June 2016
Support of mobile plant on outriggers 15 February 2016
Use of saw blades on angle grinders 07 January 2016
Unauthorised access to work areas 18 December 2015
Asbestos in mineral kits 09 November 2015
Wood chipper– Leg amputation 19 October 2015
Safe storage of aerosol spray cans 05 October 2015
Safe unloading of sheet material 05 October 2015
Fire risk in older model Polycom conference phone 09 July 2015
Electrocution risk for home DIY repairs 20 April 2015
Safety warning on portable butane gas cookers 19 March 2015
Safe use of portable ramps when working on motor vehicles 19 December 2014
Fireworks pyrotechnician injured 18 December 2014
Working under heavy vehicles 04 November 2014
Gas appliance flue terminal requirements for recreational vehicles (RV) with annexes 01 September 2014
Solar panel DC isolator fire risk 14 May 2014
Working under elevated vehicles 04 April 2014
Non-compliant plywood sold for formwork use 21 January 2014
Electrical power tools onboard fishing vessels 14 January 2014
Securing worksites against storm activity 13 November 2013
Electric shock hazards associated with excessive sweating whilst using mains powered tools 21 August 2013
Preventing contact or entanglement with machinery or plant with moving parts 20 August 2013
Bromic stainless steel flexible pigtail 18 June 2013
Carbon Monoxide dangers of using portable generators 22 February 2013
Securing raised tilt cabs 18 February 2013
Using mobile cranes in ‘pick and carry’ operations 05 February 2013
Hose whip on concrete pumps 10 January 2013
Haulotte elevating work platform (EWP) failure 08 January 2013
Storing gas cylinders in vehicles 03 May 2012
Management of loose bulk loads 16 December 2011
Controlling risks associated with workers accessing mezzanine floors 08 December 2011
Christmas lights - electrical safety 08 December 2011
Working near energised high voltage cables 15 November 2011
Handling and storage of sheet glass 15 November 2011
Heavy vehicle driver fatigue (micro-sleep) 23 September 2011
Vehicle and other mobile plant fires 14 July 2011
Work at height – vertical rope rescue training 05 May 2011
Fall risk through fragile roofs 16 March 2011
Working with energised electrical lines 17 January 2011
Safe use of tractors 23 December 2010
Working at height around live electrical installations 26 November 2010
Incorrect installation of thermal insulation around electrical equipment and accessories 21 October 2009
Collapse of precast concrete elements stored in fabricated racking 09 March 2009