White card

Construction workers in the Northern Territory are required to undertake general construction induction training (GCIT) delivered by an approved registered training organisation (RTO). Workers, who complete GCIT in the Northern Territory, will be issued a ‘NT white card’ as proof of their training.

A worker carrying out construction work must keep their NT white card available for inspection.

Applications for GCIT cards should be made using the form 'Application for a NT general construction induction training card'.

RTOs can receive approval from NT WorkSafe to conduct training and issue a white card to successful course participants.

To apply for approval, a RTO must have the following unit of competency on scope:

  • CPCWHS1001 - Prepare to work safely in the construction industry.

RTOs wishing to gain approval to deliver GCIT in the Northern Territory should complete the form ‘Application to deliver course general construction induction training’.​​

The WHS Legislation does not mandate that any individual who already holds a white card be retrained to the new unit. The white card holder is only required to be retrained if they have not carried out construction work in the preceding 2 years.

Digital white cards

Commencing on 25 May 2022, legislation changes will allow for the:

  • Introduction of digital white cards; and
  • Future introduction of a photographic identifier onto white cards.

With these changes, construction workers have been given the option to request a digital white card when applying for a new or replacement physical card. This digital version can be accessed from their smart phone wallets (Apple Wallet or Google Pay) and presented to employers, union officials and various inspectors for online verification (QR code scanning).

The amendments neither omit the availability and validity of physical cards nor alter safety training requirements. Applicants will still be prompted to apply for and receive a physical copy of their white card, with the digital copy only serving as an additional option they can avail of, subject to their completion of a face-to-face general construction induction training delivered by an approved registered training organisation.

In addition, even with the introduction of this technology, workers are still encouraged to carry their physical white cards as the digital versions cannot be accessed and verified in worksites where a mobile phone is not allowed and/or an internet connection is not available. It is also encouraged to take it when working interstate while NT WorkSafe seeks mutual recognition of the NT digital white cards from other jurisdictions.

Digital white cards will be made available in the NT from 01 June 2022.

Applications for a white card (whether physical copy only or both physical and digital copies) may then be lodged online or in person, via email or post at a Territory Business Centre.

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