Pipelines notification

Under Regulation 390 of the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Regulations 2011 (the Regulations), a person who intends to build a pipeline that will cross into a public place and be used to transfer a Schedule 11 hazardous chemical must notify the Regulator of the following before building of the pipeline commences:

  • the name of the pipeline’s intended owner and operator;
  • the pipeline’s specifications;
  • the intended procedures for the operation, maintenance, renewal and relaying of the pipeline;
  • any public place that the pipeline will cross; and
  • the intended emergency response procedures.

The person must also ensure that the Regulator is notified of any changes to the information provided and is notified before the pipeline is commissioned, before chemicals are put into it, before it is repaired or no longer used.

Regulation 391 requires the operator of a pipeline to ensure that it is properly labelled and sign-posted. They must also notify the Regulator of the correct classification of the hazardous chemical to be transferred and the names of the supplier and receiver of the chemical.

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