Small business safety program

The Small Business Safety Program is designed to assist small businesses to understand and comply with their work health and safety obligations. The aim of the program is to improve the capacity and capability of small businesses to manage their own health and safety systems.

Safety advisors are available throughout the Northern Territory and provide FREE tailored services to small businesses.

Safety advisors help small businesses by:

  • discussing health and safety issues in the workplace
  • providing advice on the development and implementation of safety management systems
  • helping to devise strategies and solutions to manage risks and hazards in the workplace
  • providing resources and guidance material on work health and safety issues

Safety advisors can engage with businesses through:

  • Group coaching sessions
  • Toolbox talks
  • Team meetings
  • Information sessions
  • Face-to-face consultations
  • Workshops
  • Presentations to boards or management groups

Important points to note:

  • Safety advisors are not WorkSafe Inspectors and have no enforcement powers under work health and safety legislation.
  • The Small Business Safety Program is not a total work, health and safety solution and safety advisors will not endorse safety management systems.
  • All services provided through the Small Business Safety Program are free and confidential.

For further information or to request a consultation please contact the NT WorkSafe Small Business Safety Advisory team, on 1800 019 115.

Video Resources

The following videos have been developed to provide a quick guide on select work health and safety topics:

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