Allied health professionals

NT WorkSafe has endorsed the Clinical Framework, which outlines a set of guiding principles for the delivery of allied health services to injured workers. The framework has been established to:

  • optimise health and return to work outcomes
  • inform healthcare providers about NT WorkSafe’s expectations for the management of injured workers
  • provide a set of guiding principles for the provision of healthcare services for injured workers, healthcare professionals and insurers
  • ensure healthcare services are goal oriented, evidence-based and clinically justified

All allied healthcare providers dealing with injured workers are encouraged to adopt these principles within the standards of their professions.

The Clinical Framework reflects the most contemporary approach to treatment and incorporates recent developments in evidence-based practice. Academic and clinical representatives were consulted.

The Clinical Framework is supported by the following peak bodies and associations:

  • Australian Physiotherapy Association
  • Australian Psychological Society
  • Australian Osteopathic Association
  • Occupational Therapy Australia
  • Chiropractors Association of Australia

Clinical Framework - For the Delivery of Health Services​​​

Family Counselling

A worker who sustains an injury is entitled to family counselling.

This counselling is for the worker or a member of the worker's immediate family, to assist the worker or family member to cope with the psychological impact of the injury sustained by the worker's injury.

It can be provided individually to the worker or to a group of the worker’s immediate family.

The counselling must be provided by a medical practitioner, registered psychologist or social worker. The costs for family counselling is capped at 150% of the average weekly earnings at the time the costs are incurred.

A worker who attends a psychologist for family counselling does not require pre approval from the insurer.

Health benefits of good work (HBGW)

NT WorkSafe is a signatory to the consensus statement, Health Benefits of Good Work, introduced by the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (AFOEM). The paper highlights the longer someone is off work the less likely they are to return. Providing suitable duties will help the worker recover at work while reducing disruption to their life and disruption to the business.

Consensus statement on the Health Benefits of Good Work

Video Resources

The below videos have been developed to give helpful information about workers compensation:

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