Automatic mutual recognition of WorkSafe licences or accreditation

On 1 July 2021, the Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) scheme commenced in the majority of Australian states and territories. The scheme allows workers who hold certain occupational licences to work in a participating state or territory without the need to apply and pay for a new or transfer of their existing licence.

Not all occupational licences, including some NT WorkSafe regulated licences, were covered when the AMR scheme commenced in the Northern Territory.

Please note: Occupation licences, registrations or accreditation issued to a business are not covered under the AMR scheme.

Check the Automatic mutual recognition for occupational licences page for information on which occupational licences are covered by the AMR scheme.

WorkSafe licences or accreditation covered by AMR

From July 2022, the following NT WorkSafe regulated licences will be covered by the AMR scheme.

  • Gasfitter licence
  • Shotfirer licence

Because of the high risk nature of the work done by gasfitters and shotfirers, a determination has been made under the Commonwealth legislation requiring interstate licence holders to notify NT WorkSafe before commencing work in the Northern Territory.

Notifications must be made by completing and submitting the following form.

Interstate licences will not be recognised under the AMR scheme if the required notification has not been sent to NT WorkSafe.

Working without a recognised licence is a beach of the Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations.

WorkSafe licences or accreditation not covered by AMR

  • High Risk Work Licence Assessor

Interstate High Risk Work Licence Assessors are not covered under the AMR scheme in the Northern Territory. To conduct assessments for high risk work licences in the Northern Territory, you must be accredited with NT WorkSafe.

Check How to become a high risk work licence assessor for information on obtaining accreditation.

WorkSafe licences already mutually recognised

WorkSafe licenses issued under the following national uniform legislation are already recognised under other mutual recognition arrangements and are not covered under the AMR scheme.

Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011

  • High Risk Work Licences

Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2010

  • Dangerous goods drivers

Frequently asked questions

  • All states and territories, except for Queensland are involved in the AMR scheme.

    Workers who hold a Queensland licence are unable to apply under AMR in the NT and will be required to apply under mutual recognition or as a new applicant.

  • Yes, you are required to lodge a notification of your intent to work in the NT. You must hold a current registration or licence in your home state or territory to undertake the activities you intend to carry out here.

  • There is no fee associated with the AMR notification.

  • No, AMR is not replacing mutual recognition. If you require a NT licence or registration you will be required to apply under mutual recognition or as a new applicant.

    Fees may apply.

  • No, you will not receive a NT licence.

    The AMR scheme provides for a recognition of your interstate licence, it does not provide you with an NT licence. Once you receive your acknowledgment letter from us you, your interstate licence will be recognised and you can work under your current home state or territory registration or licence and conditions.

  • Your NT AMR notification is only valid for the duration of your home state licence or registration. If you home state licence or registration expires, is cancelled or suspended you no longer hold deemed registration in the NT.

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