Licensing fees and charges

The following fees are payable under legislation administered by NT WorkSafe. These fees are effective from 1 July 2022 and do not incur GST.

  • ItemFeeRegulation
    Health and Safety Representative Training
    Application for approval $1500 21(1A)
    High Risk Work Licence
    Application for new licence $76 87(3)
     Application for replacement licence $3898(4)(b)
    Application for renewal of licence$63101(3)
    Accreditation of Assessor
    Application for grant per class$269116(3)
    Application for replacement accreditation document$66127(4)(b)
    Application for renewal per class$117130(2)
    Application for registration of plant design$105250(4)
    Application for registration of plant item$71266(3)
    Application for renewal of registration of item of plant$81277(3)
    Application for replacement registration document$31288(4)(b)
    Construction Induction Training Card
    Application for  general construction induction card (new)$26319(4)
    Application for  general construction induction card (replacement)$26321(3)(b)
    Asbestos Removal Licence
    Application for grant$3,276492(3)
    Application for replacement licence document$43513(4)(b)
    Application for renewal$3,276516(3)
    Asbestos Assessor Licence
    Application for grant$269492(3)
    Application for replacement licence document$43513(4)(b)
    Application for renewal$114516(3)
    Major Hazard Facilities
    Application for grant of licence:
    For tier 1 facility$10,000578(3)
    For tier 2 facility$25,000578(3)
    For tier 3 facility$45,000578(3)
    Application for replacement licence document$50594(4)(b)
    Application for renewal of licence:
    For tier 1 facility$10,000596(3)
    For tier 2 facility$25,000596(3)
    For tier 3 facility$45,000596(3)
    Application for transfer of licence$500600(2)(b)
    Application for cancellation of licence$50601(2)(b)
  • ItemFeeRegulation
    Store Explosives
    For each class stored in quantities not more than:
    1 tonne of a solid, 1kL of liquid or 150m3 gas$135F(2)(b)(ii)
    25 tonne of solid, 25kL of liquid, 500m3 gas$295F(2)(b)(ii)
    100 tonne of solid, 100kL of liquid, 150,000m3 gas$725F(2)(b)(ii)
    500 tonne of a solid, 500kL of liquid, 700,000m3 gas$1465F(2)(b)(ii)
    2,500 tonne of a solid, 2,500kL of liquid, 3,500,000m3 gas$2185F(2)(b)(ii)
    More than 2,500 tonne of solid, 2,500kL of liquid or 3,500,000m3 gas$4385F(2)(b)(ii)
    Manufacture Explosives
    Manufacture of ammonium nitrate explosive mixture for immediate use$135F(2)(b)(ii)
    Manufacture of other explosives$1465F(2)(b)(ii)
    Sale Explosives
    Explosives (other than shopgoods fireworks) where the quantity stored for sale:
    Less than 1,000kg$135F(2)(b)(ii)
    Greater than 1,000kg$215F(2)(b)(ii)
    Shopgoods fireworks where the amount stored for sale is:
    Less than 200kg$7625F(2)(b)(ii)
    Greater than 200kg$1,5245F(2)(b)(ii)
    Shopgoods fireworks wholesale$3,1755F(2)(b)(ii)
    Replacement licence$65N(2)(b)
    Variation of licence$65K(5)(c)
    Report on a dangerous occurrence$2128(1)
    Authorisation of explosives$5882(3)
    Where an authorisation has been made by an approved authority and a copy of this authorisation is submitted with an application for authority of explosives$2882(3)
    Shotfirer Certificate$13133(2)(f)
    Fireworks display
     Permit for a fireworks display:
     At a public place $13141(1A)
     Other than at a public place Nil141(1A)
    Handling Explosives
     Permit to handle explosives for special effects $12143(1A)
     Application for gasfitting certificate $13173(3)
     Application for provisional gasfitting certificate $6174(3)
    Application for approval of gas appliance or component$63189(4)
    Application for approval of gas meter$43189(4)
    Application for autogas certificate$13201(3)
  • ItemFeesRegulations
    Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence$62157
    Dangerous Goods Drivers Licence renewal$62163
    Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence$88171
    Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence renewal$88174
    Dangerous Goods Vehicle Licence transfer$88180
    Exemption - application for a grant$271201
    Administrative Determination - grant$271207
    Administrative Determination - variation$271207
    Approval - grant$271207
    Approval - determination$271207
  • ItemFeeRegulation
    The prescribed fee for a copy of each code, rule, specification and regulation adopted under section 25(1) of the Act$296