Laws & Compliance

NT WorkSafe administers legislation covering the following areas in the Northern Territory:

  • Workplace health and safety
  • Workers rehabilitation and compensation
  • Transport, storage and use of dangerous goods
  • Electrical safety, and
  • Transport and storage of radioactive ores and concentrates.

The legal framework consists of Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice and Standards.

Each area has a principal Act which sets out the objectives, key principles, obligation and rights of duty holders.

Regulations are formed under an Act and specify the duty holder’s obligations in detail under each Act. Regulations are legally enforceable.

Approved Codes of Practice are practical guides to achieving the requirements set out under the Act and Regulations. Approved Codes of Practice can be used in courts as evidence that legal requirements have or have not been met.

Standards are documents which set out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe. Standards are voluntary unless the Standard has been called up into legislation. Standards called up into legislation are legally enforceable.​​

Acts and regulations

NT WorkSafe administers the following legislation:

Repealed legislation