Complaint notification

NT WorkSafe takes all matters reported to us seriously and will determine the appropriate level of response, taking the potential or actual risk into account.

Before raising a complaint with us, steps should be taken to have the safety issue resolved in the workplace.

These steps may include:

  • speaking to your supervisor or manager; or
  • speaking with your health and safety representative; or
  • speaking to your union representative.

If the above actions are not appropriate or successful, a complaint can be lodged with NT WorkSafe on 1800 019 115 or by email to

The information below sets out what you can expect from us and what you can do to assist us when you raise a concern about work health and safety. In the Northern Territory this is known as a complaint.

Our response

Within one business day of receiving a complaint, we will assess or ‘triage’ the issues raised to determine the appropriate response in accordance with the National Compliance and Enforcement Policy.

For every complaint, a unique identification number will be provided, in case you need to contact us again.

If you choose to remain anonymous, you will not get a reference number.

Its a flow chart that shows the process that NT WorkSafe takes when taking complaints and triaging for action.

Response based on complaint

Outside our jurisdiction:

If the issues raised are outside our area of responsibility, we will tell you who to contact for assistance, or where possible, refer the matter to the relevant agency on your behalf.

Insufficient information provided:

If you have provided your contact details, we will try to contact you to ask for additional information in order to reassess the method of response.

Administrative response:

If the issues raised are assessed as low risk, we will contact the business, drawing attention to the matter for action as required. Generally, we aim to respond within seven to ten business days of receiving the complaint.

Verification visit – Inspector follow-up:

We visit some businesses who have received an administrative response, to assess what action they have taken in response to the issues raised. These visits generally occur within three months of us receiving the complaint.

Inspector response:

When the issues raised are of a moderate to high risk, an inspector will respond. We aim to visit a as soon as practicable with consideration given to the location, accessibility and need to coordinate with other government agencies.

What can you expect from us:

Occasionally, we will need to contact you for more information about the issue. Where possible, we will provide an update about what action we have taken to address your complaint.

Your confidentiality is important. We will not intentionally reveal the source of a complaint unless you provide your consent. However, depending on the nature of the complaint, there may be limitations to keeping your identity private.

You may choose not to provide your details to us and raise a complaint anonymously. However doing so means it is not possible to seek further information from you or provide you with feedback or information in relation to the complaint.

How you can help us

We can provide you with a better service if you provide us with the following information:

  • The address of the workplace and location within that workplace where the work health and safety issue is occurring;
  • The exact nature of the work health and safety issue;
  • The name and address of the business or individual in control of the workplace – phone, email or website; and
  • Anything that will assist us to respond to your work health and safety issue.

We know that this can be a stressful time, so try to remain calm when dealing with our staff, as they are doing their best to ensure all complaints are assessed and actioned appropriately.

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