Young worker program

The young worker program helps employers of young workers comply with their work health and safety obligations. The program is designed to help build the capabilities of young workers to be safe and productive at work.


  • Young workers aged between 16 and 24 years of age are a high risk workgroup entering the workplace with limited skills and experiences in their industry, workers compensation statistics show that approximately 300 young workers are injured each year in the Northern Territory.
  • Young workers are entering the workforce without sufficient knowledge of work health and safety duties (rights and responsibilities) and an understanding of hazard identification/risk assessment process.
  • Assist businesses employing young workers meet their obligations under the legislation.


  • To reduce workplace incidents involving young workers.
  • To provide knowledge of duties and hazards/risk assessment to young persons’ entering the workforce as young workers are our future workplace leaders.
  • To provide information, advice and assistance to businesses on systems of work and control measures that may be needed when working with young workers.

NT WorkSafe can engage with young workers and businesses through:

  • Information sessions at workplaces and educational settings (i.e. school, college, university, trade school etc.)
  • Workshops
  • Toolbox talks
  • Team meetings
  • Presentations to management or similar

Important points to note:

  • This program is designed to provide information and advice to business to assist them to meet their obligations under the legislation, reduce the number of workplace incidents involving young workers and educate young workers on their rights and responsibilities under the legislation.
  • The program is not a total work, health and safety solution for managing young workers.
  • All interactions are free.