Applications for a fireworks display or special effects permit must be made before the event and a permit is valid only for a single display.

Permits can be issued for events such as birthday parties, weddings, New Year celebrations or special events.

Fireworks display or special effects

To conduct a fireworks display, the proposed operator must hold a 'Northern Territory shotfirers licence' endorsed with the class 'to conduct firework display' or 'special effects'.

The license ensures that the person conducting the display and special effects has sufficient experience and / or training.

NT WorkSafe requires a ‘notice of display’ to be advertised in the local paper prior to the event, and in some locations, written notification in the form of a letter box drop be given to the residents of the surrounding area.

The fireworks included in any display must be tailored to the available space. There are safety distances that need to be adhered to when conducting a fireworks display.

Territory day

Shopgoods fireworks - Retail sale

This information is for those people considering selling shopgoods fireworks for the Territory Day celebrations in the Northern Territory.

Each year the minister responsible for the Dangerous Goods Act 1998 and Dangerous Goods Regulations 1985. can approve, by gazettal notice:

  • the times and dates when shopgoods fireworks may be purchased.
  • the times and dates during which a person may possess, throw, ignite or explode shopgoods fireworks
  • areas designated as exclusion zones in which fireworks are not permitted.

The usual approved period for the sale of shopgoods fireworks is between 9am - 9pm on 1 July each year. The approved possession is generally extended to 12pm on 2 July. This extended possession time allows retail outlets to return unsold stock to wholesalers and allows the general public to hand in unused shopgoods fireworks to NT WorkSafe.

All persons conducting a business or undertaking have a primary duty of care to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of workers and others. A retailer of shopgoods fireworks has additional duties under the Dangerous Goods Regulations 1985.

Retailers are to ensure their storage premises comply with legislation; a checklist will be available with the application form to assist with compliance.

A risk assessment will need to be completed if storing over 200kg of shopgoods fireworks. The Code of Practice on 'How to manage work health and safety risks' provides practical guidance on conducting risk assessments.

NT WorkSafe inspectors conduct retail inspections in the lead up to Territory Day as well as inspecting retail premises on Territory Day.

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