Misleading “white card courses” offered online

Workers are required to complete general construction induction training before they can start work in the Northern Territory construction industry.

Territory workers looking to get a NT white card are reminded to always use an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) for their training.

NT WorkSafe is aware of misleading websites advertising heavily discounted online ‘white card courses’. These websites are not offering the national unit of competency:

Workers who complete these online courses will not qualify for a NT white card. Approved RTO’s will issue a statement of attainment to a worker when the unit of competency is completed.

Online training not recognised in the NT

Because there are practical components to the general construction induction training, NT WorkSafe requires workers to complete face to face training with an NT WorkSafe approved white card training provider.

Workers who complete the training will be issued a statement of attainment by the RTO. A copy of the statement of attainment must be submitted with a completed application form to the Territory Business Centre, who will issue the NT white card on behalf of NT WorkSafe.

For more information on white cards, contact NT WorkSafe on 1800 019 115.