Incident information release

Commercial establishments urged to check septic tank lids are safe and secure

NT WorkSafe is urging all workplaces across the Territory to urgently check that the septic tank lids on their property are safe and secured. In the last eight months, two children have fallen into septic tanks at separate commercial establishments in the Northern Territory.

Unauthorised workers modifying scaffolding can cause safety risks

NT WorkSafe is issuing a warning to workers in the construction industry, not to modify scaffolding if they are not authorised to do so.

Multiple machine operators across the Territory taking down power lines

NT WorkSafe has received a spate of notifications this year involving machine (plant) operators making contact and in the majority of cases bringing down overhead power lines.

Wheelchair users seriously injured in two separate vehicle incidents

NT WorkSafe has been notified of a number of vehicle incidents involving National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) service providers and participants in recent months.

Two workers injured due to inadequate or no use of fall prevention

Two Territory workers have been injured within the last three months due to inadequate or not using fall prevention while working at heights.

Unacceptable risk taking when working at heights in construction

NT WorkSafe is reminding all businesses and workers of the risks of working at heights, and the requirements, especially in the Construction Industry, to manage those risks.

Body stressing main cause of injury

Body stressing is a collective term covering a broad range of health problems associated with repetitive and strenuous work. Typical body stressing injuries that occur at the workplace (commonly known as musculoskeletal disorders) include strains and sprains, back or neck injuries, and tendonitis/tenosynovitis.

Three workers seriously injured in separate plant (machinery) incidents

Three Territory workers received serious crush injuries in separate incidents last month.