Alternative employer incentive scheme (AEIS)

The NT workers’ compensation scheme aims to assist injured workers return to work as soon as is practicable.

To enhance this objective NT WorkSafe, as the administrative arm of the Work Health Authority, has introduced the alternative employer incentive scheme (AEIS) (section 75A of the Return to Work Act 1986).

Employer to assist injured worker to find suitable employment

The employer must:

  • take reasonable steps to provide the injured worker with suitable employment in accordance with the worker’s statement of fitness for work
  • take reasonable steps to ensure that efforts to retrain the worker are undertaken if required to enable the worker to engage in the suitable employment
  • give a proposal in writing for a return to work plan to the worker within 7 days after the employer becomes aware that the worker's total or partial incapacity is likely to exceed 28 days
  • pay the costs incurred for such rehabilitation training and workplace modification as is reasonable and necessary for a worker who suffers or is likely to suffer a permanent or long-term incapacity.

Reasonable steps to provide the injured worker with suitable employment includes the referral of the worker to the alternative employer incentive scheme developed by the Authority if the employer does not have other suitable employment available.  This should be done in consultation with the insurer.

Alternative employer incentive scheme

The scheme provides that:

  • Weekly benefits continue to be paid by the original employer for up to a twelve week training/placement period (no payment is made by the host employer).
  • If after the initial training/placement period, the host employer provides employment, then that host employer will be eligible for an incentive payment. This is only payable after the completion of twelve weeks of paid employment (i.e. This period is in addition to the training period). The amount paid will be 45% of average weekly earnings (AWE), or 50% of the wage payable for that employment, whichever is the lesser. The incentive payment will be made to the host employer as a lump sum after the completion of the 12 week paid employment period.
  • Further incentives may be payable to the host employer for up to 12 months, from the commencement date of the initial 12 week incentive period. Such further incentives will be as negotiated between the host employer and the original employers’ insurer.
  • The incentive payments are made on the understanding that the host employer will offer ongoing employment after the completion of the placement period/s.
  • The original employer’s insurer will guarantee to indemnify the alternative employer for any aggravation, acceleration or exacerbation only for the pre-existing compensable condition during the first 12 months of the work placement.
  • The original employer’s insurer cannot indemnify the host employer for any other injuries that may occur at the work place.

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Alternative Employer Incentive Scheme – AEIS (V1.2 – 10 November 2015)