Electrical contractor information - Connection of new installations

This information bulletin was developed to assist industry, electrical contractors and electricians in applying the correct procedure for the connection of new installations. This procedure is intended to ensure that the connections to new installations are efficiently and safely effected.


  1. In accordance with the Electricity Reform Act 2000, it is the responsibility of the Electrical Contractor to ensure that the electrical installation is totally complete and fully inspected and tested in accordance with AS/NZS 3000-2018, Section 8 before lodging the Certificate of Compliance (CoC) with the Network Operator (e.g. Power and Water Corporation).

    It is essential that the Electrical Contractor strictly adhere to these requirements as the electrical installation will be energised without further inspection or testing.

  2. All negotiations and arrangements for underground or overhead services, metering requirements, Distribution System Extension Policy (DSEP) payments, substations and the connection of electricity supply etc. shall be undertaken with the Network Operator. (Refer to the Network Operator’s Service and Installations Rules e.g. Power and Water Corporation).
  3. The Network Operator (e.g. Power and Water Corporation) will forward a copy of the CoC to NT WorkSafe Operations – Electrical Safety team as a courtesy for inclusion in the audit system after connection is made.

All installations connected in this manner attract the normal ratio of audit inspections by NT WorkSafe Electrical Safety team.