Guide for major hazard facilities – Information, training and instruction for workers and other persons at the facility

This Guide will assists operators of major hazard facilities (MHFs) to comply with their obligations to provide workers with the necessary information, training and instruction to enable them to:

  • understand how major incidents and major incident hazards differ from those normally encountered in workplace health and safety
  • understand what major incidents could occur at the facility, what major incident hazards might cause them to occur, and what control measures the facility relies upon to prevent them occurring or mitigate their effects on health and safety
  • be familiar with the purpose and structure of a Safety Management System (SMS) and to contribute to the implementation of the SMS, including control measures
  • understand and comply with the requirements of the SMS, including the control measures
  • understand the requirements and operation of an emergency plan
  • fulfil the safety role for workers established by the operator under the Regulations.