Workers reminded to not let WorkSafe issued licences expire

NT WorkSafe reminds workers that it is their responsibility to keep their WorkSafe issued licenses current and to not let them expire.

There has been an increase in workers trying to renew licences that have been expired for a number of months, and in one recent extreme case a worker tried to renew a licence that had been expired for 10 years.

NT WorkSafe issues High Risk Work Licences under the Work Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011 for operating equipment including forklifts and cranes. Licenses are issued under the Dangerous Goods Act 1998 for gasfitting and shotfiring and under the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road and Rail (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2010 to drive vehicles transporting dangerous goods.

Workers are reminded that it is a breach of these Acts to perform work unlicensed, or on an expired licence. Workers operating without a valid High Risk Work Licence can face an on the spot fine of $1,440, and workers caught breaching the dangerous goods laws may face prosecution.

High Risk Work Licence holders are also reminded that is it a requirement to notify NT WorkSafe of a change of residential address within 14 days of the change occurring.

Workers who have allowed their licence to expire for too long a period, may be required to apply for a new licence instead of a renewal which includes providing evidence of training or competency.

NT WorkSafe does send licence renewal reminders out but has noticed an increase in email bounce backs lately from these reminders due to invalid email addresses.

All licence holders are urged to check that their licence has not expired and encouraged to update their contact details by calling 1800 019 115 or by emailing to receive licence renewal reminders.

Communications Unit
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