Wiring rules and non-compliances

2019 marks a milestone year for the electrical industry in Australia and New Zealand with the implementation of a new set of ASNZS3000 wiring rules.

The new rules have taken some 11 years to manage and develop, and have resulted in some significant changes.

Implementation of the ASNZS3000 rules will become mandatory in the Northern Territory on 1 January 2019.

A six month transition period has been in place, where NT WorkSafe has worked with a number of organisations to present the rule changes and to provide advice for contractors where required.

Electrical Safety Inspectors are still available for advice and clarification of the rules, including attending toolbox meetings to provide information on the implementation of the rules and to address safety in the workplace.

With all electrical work and particularly with the new rules being implemented, electrical contractors are encouraged to ensure that the methods employed are compliant with the 2018 wiring rules.

Electrical inspections will take the following process:

  • Electrical inspectors audit installations for compliance to the appropriate rule set and any other rules that are called.
  • Non-compliances are advised on the Notice of Non-compliance and will specify a date by which the defects are to be rectified.
  • Electrical contractors wo are unable to rectify within this time frame must contact NT WorkSafe within 14 days of the notice, to arrange for additional time or alternatives.
  • Failure to rectify within the rectification period will attract additional regulatory action including infringement, disconnection or other action as applicable.

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