Important information - Migration of monitored fire alarms and lift phones

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout now complete and the approaching completion of mass disconnection from the legacy copper network, a Disconnection Date of 18 March 2022 has now been set for remaining fire and lift services connected to the legacy copper network.

It is crucial that any lift phones or monitored fire alarms that are still connected to the legacy copper network are migrated to an alternative technology (such as a mobile network or the NBN with a mobile network fall-back) before 18 March 2022 to keep them working.

If you are responsible for a monitored fire alarm or lift phone, contact your fire alarm monitoring and/or lift service provider as soon as possible, to arrange a migration solution for your services.

Even if your regular phone and internet services have already migrated to the NBN, this does not mean that your monitored fire alarm or lift phone service has been migrated.

Building owners and managers are responsible for ensuring obligations are met for the operation of monitored fire alarms and lift phones under the relevant building codes and standards. These services are safety critical and there are serious public safety, personal injury and property damage risks if they fail to operate in an emergency situation.

A detailed guide about the migration process for monitored fire alarms or lift phones is available in the Migration of Monitored Fire Alarm and Lift Phone Services Good Practice Guide.

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