Electrocution risk for home DIY repairs

This Safety Alert is issued to warn of the potentially fatal consequences of unlicensed people performing electrical work.


A Tennant Creek resident was electrocuted after carrying out repairs on a domestic air conditioning unit in a backyard workshop. Preliminary findings from the investigation showed the air conditioning unit had been energised when it was being repaired. An examination of the property’s electrical installation found that the workshop was not protected by a safety switch.

Contributing factors

  • The deceased was not a licensed electrician.
  • The air conditioning unit was energised at the time of repair.
  • The workshop’s electrical installation was not protected by a safety switch.

Action required

  • Always use a licensed electrician to repair a faulty electrical appliance or electrical installation. A licensed electrician is the only person qualified to undertake installation and repair works on electrical installations such as power points or ceiling fans and lights.
  • Consider installing a safety switch if your home or workplace does not already have one. All new electrical installations must be protected by a safety switch on power and lighting circuits. Safety Switches Save Lives.
  • Always switch off and unplug electrical appliances before moving them.

Further information