Safety warning for Grey Nomads to stop using Swift 500 series caravan gas cookers

Grey Nomads and other caravans and recreational vehicles owners are advised to stop using all Swift 500 series caravan gas cookers until further notice. This follows an incident in New South Wales where a Queensland-based caravan owner suffered severe burn injuries from using a 500 series cooker while camping.

Resources Safety and Health Queensland (RSHQ) has issued a safety notice which identified a failure point within the internal piping at a control valve connection point. This resulted in a gas leak which led to a subsequent explosion.

RSHQ is currently working with other gas regulators and the manufacturer, Swift Appliance Group, to implement a national recall.

Owners are further advised that:

  • Owners of caravans and recreational vehicles should check if their cooking appliance is a Swift 500 series appliance and avoid use until the extent of the issue is known.
  • The gas supply to the Swift 500 series appliance should be isolated at the gas isolation valve, adjacent to the appliance, to allow the electrical element and other gas appliances to be used safely.
  • If you smell gas, turn off the gas immediately at the cylinders and contact a licensed gas fitter to check the gas system and all gas appliances for safe and correct operation.

Access the RSHQ Safety notice - Swift 500 series cookers in caravans

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has issued a product safety recall for the Swift Group — 500 Series Cooker/Grill and Cooktops

More details are available on the Swift Appliance Group website.