Safety alert to caravan owners, agents and manufacturers

NT WorkSafe has issued a safety alert advising owners of caravans, motor homes or camper trailers that there is a potential safety risk while operating the following appliances on LP Gas.

ApplianceModels affectedSerial numbers affected
Suburban Recreational Vehicle Water Heaters
  • SW6DEA
  • SW4DEA
  • SW6PA
  • SW6DA
  • SW4DA
  • SW6DECA (Dual Fuel)
  • From 181315552 to 193002648, 8183311827 and 8190201139. Some serial numbers will end in a 'D'.
  • Manufactured from 4 April 2018 to 1 August 2019

What are the hazards

Under certain conditions, the water heaters can generate elevated levels of Carbon Monoxide (CO) which, in some instances, may spill into the caravan, motor home or camper trailer. Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that can adversely affect the health when inhaled. Carbon monoxide can be lethal in large concentrations.

What to do

Immediately stop using the appliance. Identify whether your hot water heater is one of the affected models and if the serial number falls within the ranges listed above. This can be done by checking the appliance data plates found under the front cover plate of the hot water heater (see instructions on the following page). If you are unable to do this, your caravan service agent should be able to assist.

If the water heater model is confirmed to be one of models listed above, then it must NOT be used until rectified by an authorised Suburban agent or dealership. The gas isolation valve to this appliance must be turned off until the appliance and installation has been rectified.

The safety issues only apply while the appliance is operating on gas. If your Suburban water heater can operate from a 12 or 240 volt supply as well as from LP Gas, it is safe to continue operating the appliance from 12 or 240 volts only.

Further Recall/Safety notices will be provided by the Suburban Division and the ACCC as to what actions are required to rectify the safety issues.

How to check your appliance's model and serial number

Remove the hot water heater cover plate. Make sure to let it cool first if the appliance has recently been used.

Locate the technical specification plates.

Check the model number and serial numbers.