Solar panel DC isolator fire risk

The purpose of this Safety Alert is to advise solar installers and relevant householders that the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued national product safety recalls for Avanco and PVPower branded DC isolators, commonly used with solar panels due to the risks of overheating and fires


An internal fault where a high-resistance connection may form has been found in both brands, which can cause the DC isolator to overheat or catch fire.

The isolators are a rotary type, and have a red switch with a yellow background around the switch.

Avanco brand switches have the brand on the front. Other defective isolators will look similar but may not have a brand name on them.

Image of an Avanco brand switch

Defective DC isolators models

BrandModel numbers
Avanco – imported by Advancetech Pty LtdAV/DC4P25A, AV/DC2P25A, AV/DC4P25AUB, AV/DC2P625AU, AV/DC2P25AU, AV/DC2/2P25AU, AV/DC2/2P125AU, AV/DC4P25AU, AV/DC4P25AUS, AV/DC4P25AUT
PVPower – imported by DKSH Australia Pty LtdXPDCISO1000V32A

Action required

Information for householders/tenants

  • If you identify that you have these isolators installed, you should shut down the system immediately.
  • If you are unsure or can't identify the types of isolators you have, check your operating manual or invoice. If you are still unsure contact your installer or an electrical contractor for further advice.
  • You do not need an electrician to shut the system down. However, you should seek assistance if you are unsure of how to safely carry out the shutdown procedure.
  • If you have the PVPower brand you should contact DKSH on 1800 006 137 or your installer.
  • If you have the Avanco brand you should contact Advancetech on 1800 356 353 or your installer.
  • Once the system is shut down it is electrically safe.
  • Tenants should contact their real estate agent or landlord for further advice once the system has been shut down.

Information for Real Estate Agents and landlords

  • If the rental property has these isolators installed you should arrange for the system to be shut down immediately until they can be replaced. Advise the tenant that once the system is shut down it is electrically safe.
  • If you are contacted by the tenant who has identified one of these isolators or has concerns that they may be installed you should advise them to shut the system down. If they are unsure about the shutdown procedure you should make arrangements to have the system shut down as soon as possible.

Information for installers

  • You can no longer install the isolators.
  • If you have installed the isolators you should contact your customers and advise them to shut down the system immediately until they can be replaced.
  • Installers should contact their supplier regarding any refund or product replacement advice.

Information for suppliers

You can no longer supply the defective isolator brands and models listed above. If you have supplied the isolators you should contact your customers and advise them that:

  • they can no longer install the defective isolators
  • they should contact their customers who may be affected and advise them to shut down the system immediately until they can be replaced.

For advice on returns or refunds for unused products, contact your supplier or importer.

Further information


This Safety Alert contains safety information following inquires made by NT WorkSafe about an incident or unsafe practice. The information contained in this Alert does not necessarily include the outcome of NT WorkSafe’s action with respect to an incident. NT WorkSafe does not warrant the information in this Alert is complete or up-to-date and does not accept any liability for the information in this report or as to its use.