Work at height – vertical rope rescue training

The purpose of this Safety Alert is to highlights the dangers of working at heights without adequate fall prevention controls.


In early March 2011 a female volunteer worker was seriously injured during a vertical rope rescue training exercise. The volunteer worker had ascended the training rope to a height of approximately seven meters when, for reasons unknown, she became detached from the climbing apparatus and fell to the ground sustaining serious and irreversible injuries.

Contributing factors

  • The volunteer worker was not attached to a safety line or any other control measure to mitigate against the risk of an injury resulting from a fall from height during the training exercise
  • A hazard identification and risk assessment undertaken in 2009 identified the hazard and potential risk of an injury resulting from a fall from height however the employer had failed to implement appropriate control measure to mitigate against this risk.

Action required

  • Hazard identification and risk assessment must be carried out in accordance with requirements of Section 55 of the Workplace Health and Safety Act 2007
  • Implement measures to control the risk and continuously monitor and review the effectiveness of the risk control measures.

Further information



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