2022 changes to the Dangerous Goods Regulations

Recent amendments to the Dangerous Goods Act 1998 and Dangerous Goods Regulations 1985 came into effect on 25 May 2022. These changes have been made to validate the following called up Australian Standards:



AS 1076

Code of practice for selection, installation and maintenance of electrical apparatus and associated equipment for use in explosive atmospheres (other than mining applications)

AS 1425

LP gas fuel systems for vehicle engines

AS 1596

The storage and handling of liquefied petroleum gases

AS 1744

Forms of letters and numerals for road signs (known as SAA Standard Alphabets for Road Signs)

AS 1940

The storage and handling of flammable and combustible liquids

AS 2187

Explosives – Storage, transport and use

AS 2187.2

Explosives – Storage and use – Use of explosives

AS 2658

LP Gas – Portable and mobile appliances

AS 4645

Gas distribution networks – Network management

AS 5601

Gas installations – General installations

Please note that the call-up of these standards will be to the current version.

A 12-month transition period has commenced from 25 May 2022 for the adoption of the updated standards.