Rigging work - Licence requirements

This information bulletin outlines the licensing requirements to perform rigging work the Northern Territory. Rigging work is considered high risk work (HRW) and requires the worker performing the work to hold an appropriate licence to perform high risk work issued by NT WorkSafe.

The licensing of workers aims to ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to perform high risk work in a safe manner so to reduce the health and safety risk to themselves and other persons in the workplace.

Rigging work is the use of mechanical load shifting equipment and associated gear to move, place or secure a load using plant, equipment or members of a structure to ensure the stability of those members. It also includes the setting up or dismantling of cranes or hoists.

In order to obtain a rigging licence, it is a prerequisite to first hold a dogging licence. To obtain the higher tiers of rigging licences, it is a requirement to hold each of the lower classes (e.g. to hold an advanced rigging licence, you must first hold a dogging, basic and intermediate rigging licence).

Classes of high risk work licences for rigging work

Basic rigging (RB)

Dogging work

Rigging work involving any of the following;

  • structural steel erection;
  • hoists;
  • precast concrete members of a structure;
  • safety nets and static lines;
  • mast climbing work platforms;
  • perimeter safety screens and shutters;
  • cantilevered crane loading platforms.

Intermediate rigging (RI)

Rigging work involving any of the following:

  • rigging work in the class basic rigging;
  • hoists with jibs and self-climbing hoists;
  • cranes, conveyors, dredges and excavators;
  • tilt slabs;
  • demolition of structures or plant;
  • dual lifts.

Advanced rigging (RA)

Rigging work involving any of the following:

  • rigging work in the class intermediate rigging;
  • gin poles and shear legs;
  • flying foxes and cable ways;
  • guyed derricks and structures;
  • suspended scaffolds and fabricated hung scaffolds

Additional information

The following information on high risk work licensing is available on the NT WorkSafe website.


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