WRCAC Communique June 2019

The newly appointed Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Advisory Council (the Council) conducted their first meeting on 6 June 2019.

The Council is established under the Return to Work Act 1986 (the Act) to keep the operation of the Act under review, to make recommendations to the Minister on possible improvements to the administration of the Act, or the statutory scheme for the rehabilitation and compensation of injured workers in the Northern Territory.

The following items were discussed:

National Return to Work Strategy – Update

The Council noted that the National Return to Work Strategy has been endorsed by Safe Work Australia and will now seek endorsement from the Ministers in each jurisdiction.

National Certificate of Capacity – Update

The Council noted that the draft National Certificate of Capacity will be presented at the next GP workshop being held by Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) this month.

Review of the National Consistent Approval Framework for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers

The Council noted the review of the national consistent approved framework of workplace rehabilitation providers.

Premium Percentage Increases

This item has been carried over from the previous Council for consideration.

A member briefed the Council on the number of complaints received in relation to the increased costs of workers compensation premiums for small and micro businesses and that a control should be implemented to be able review large increases.

The Council discussed that the size of the NT premium pool compared to other jurisdictions and the affects this may have on the scheme.

A motion to form a working group to gather information and provide recommendations back to the Council was moved. A majority vote was called, with six members for the working group and four members opposed. Nominations to the working group were called and received.

Other Business –

HBGW Biannual Forum 

The Council were provided information on the Health Benefits of Good Work Biannual forum which was held in Darwin this year.

The next meeting is scheduled for September 2019.