WHSAC Communique April 2022

Lyons review action – Injured Workers and Family Forum Subcommittee

This will remain a standing item.

Planned  activities  for 2022

After reviewing NT WorkSafe’s Strategic Plan 2021 and the National Return to Work Strategy 2022-2030, the Council members were able to identify a number of Agenda items for the Council. The following items identified were:

  • Review of current Permanent Impairment guides approved and published by the Authority – section 70 of the Return to Work Act 1986
  • Review of 26 weeks drop down and earning capacity – section 64 of the Return to Work Act 1986
  • Workers residing outside of Australia/ portability of benefits - section 65B of the Return to Work Act 1986
  • Variation of fees charged by Doctors and Allied Health Professionals for injured workers’ in comparison to those patients not within the workers’ compensation system
  • Review of the number of days required for the completion of a mediation – section 103D of the Return to Work Act 1986
  • Review of interpretation of medical, surgical and rehabilitation treatment in relation to a worker, specifically section 49(f) of the Return to Work Act 1986 and the interpretation relating to medical cannabis:

“Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regulates the approval of medical cannabis prescriptions in the country. Approval is granted by way of two routes: the Authorized Prescriber Scheme (APS), and the Special Access Scheme (SAS). In addition to submitting the application, in Australia the physician must also arrange for a pharmacy to dispense the medication to the patient in question. Once the permit is approved, the patient can receive their prescription at a pharmacy, though there are currently no medical cannabis products that are subsidized through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), and the cost is solely borne by the patient.”

Review of the 2015 Deemed Disease in Australia  Report

Safe Work Australia engaged Dr. Tim Driscoll to lead a review of the 2015 Deemed Diseases in Australia report (the Report).

The review was run in two stages and comprised a comprehensive review.  The completion of the review culminated in a revised Deemed Diseases in Australia report and updated deemed diseases list.

The Council agreed to the addition of the identified diseases from Dr Driscoll’s report, however require further information regarding the removal of Parkinson Disease relating to workers working with Manganese in the Northern Territory.

Next meeting

The next meeting date will be scheduled for 21 July 2022.

The meeting ended at 3pm