Community safety is top priority for Territory Day

‚ÄčIn the lead up to 2015 Territory Day, it has been announced that there will be an increase in the fines for people caught illegally possessing fireworks.

Private use of fireworks has become part of the annual tradition of celebrating self-government on Territory Day on 1 July and the Northern Territory remains the only jurisdiction left in Australia where it is legal to buy, possess and use fireworks during an approved period.

The approved period for purchasing fireworks is on 1 July between 9am to 9pm and for use between 6pm to 11pm. People can still legally possess fireworks up until midday on 2 July which allows them time to safety dispose of any unused fireworks. However, it is illegal to possess fireworks outside of these times and the fine has now increased to $1,192.

This increase aims to deter people from possessing or letting off fireworks outside of the approved period.

Territory Day is a great day to mark our history being the anniversary of Northern Territory self-government in 1978. It is also a fantastic way to acknowledge our sense of community and pride, celebrate our unique lifestyle and get involved with community events.

Setting off fireworks is a Territory tradition and the message to the public is enjoy your crackers but please do it responsibly and within the rules. In order to continue this tradition, people need to be safe and respectful of others.

In 2014, the NT Government moved to address noise complaints by banning the sale of so-called ‘Salutes’ and other fireworks with a sound level of more than 115 decibels.

For further safety tips, please visit the NT Fire and Rescue Service website.

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Becky Hargrove
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