Compliance checks continue ahead of Royal Darwin Show

NT WorkSafe has been conducting compliance checks for this year’s show circuit to ensure that Territory families and visitors have a great and safe show experience.

Ahead of the Royal Darwin Show, NT WorkSafe inspectors will continue to work closely with amusement ride operators and the event organiser to provide information and advice, and assess their compliance with the Work Health and Safety laws.

NT WorkSafe Acting Regulatory Compliance Manager Maria Rigas said that her team of inspectors have identified several issues following their audits and inspections and issued the following reminders to amusement ride operators who missed the regional shows and are travelling to operate at the Royal Darwin Show.

“Amusement ride owners need to have their rides regularly inspected by an engineer, and evidence of these inspections must be made available to our Inspectors.”

“While inspectors visually check the rides, structural integrity issues may not be visible, which will be picked up during the engineers inspection.”

“Ride operators need to measure and record the noise levels of their rides during operation, which is a legislative requirement,” Ms Rigas added.

“Electrical safety standards also need to improve and we are asking all ride operators to ensure the testing and tagging of their electrical cables are up-to-date, and all electrical switchboards are correctly labelled and secured to prevent unauthorised access”.

NT WorkSafe issued six improvement notices and four prohibition notices during the regional shows.

“With the incidents in Dreamworld, Royal Adelaide Show, Fred’s Pass Rural Show and more recently the jumping castle incident in Tasmania, the last thing we want is another amusement ride tragedy,” Ms Rigas said.

“Preventing these incidents is possible as long as ride operators maintain compliance with the law.”

Attendees to the Royal Darwin Show who have any safety concerns can contact NT WorkSafe on 1800 019 115 or

Communications Unit
0401 114 569