Don’t risk your home or the safety of your family, always use a licensed electrician

​If you need an electrician and you’re tempted by those Facebook posts advertising cheap electrical work, stop and ask yourself, is saving a few bucks worth risking your home or life if the person isn’t licensed?

Electricity is dangerous and by law, all electrical work must be completed to Australian Standards by a licensed electrician. These Australian Standards do change and new standards will come into effect on 1 January 2019.

A licensed electrician will issue you a Certificate of Compliance when the job is done. This certificate is your warranty that the electrical work has been completed to Australian standards and is safe.

When do you need a licensed electrician?

You need a licensed electrician for any work on your home’s electrical installation. Your home’s electrical installation is all the wiring from the electrical meter, including anything hardwired in like:

  • the switch board,
  • power points,
  • light fixtures (excludes changing light bulbs), and
  • appliances like electric ovens and smoke alarms.

The risks of unlicensed electrical work

Unlicensed electrical work is unsafe and you could risk:

  • potential damage to your electrical appliances and devices,
  • potential fire risk1
  • potential serious injury from an electric shock or death from electrocution of you, your family or friends.

1 Since July 2015, there were 79 structure fires in the Northern Territory where the ignition factor was found to be a short-circuit, ground fault or other electrical failure (Source: NT Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services).

Don’t get fined

If you are a homeowner, you have a responsibility under the Electricity Reform Act 2000 to ensure your electrical installation complies with the technical and safety requirements under the law and is safe.

Having unlicensed electrical work done is a breach of the Act and you could face a maximum fine of $387,500.

Play it safe, use a licensed electrician

A list of licensed electrical contractors is available on the Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board website

Getting help

If you are concerned someone is doing electrical work without an electrical licence, contact the Electrical Workers and Contractors Licensing Board on (08) 8936 4079 or email:

If you are concerned about the safety of your electrical installation, contact the NT WorkSafe Electrical Safety Team on 1800 019 115 or email

The Electrical Safety Team can look into electrical safety issues in residential homes as well as workplaces.