Is your worksite prepared for a cyclone?

Top End businesses are reminded that November through to April is the cyclone season in the Northern Territory.

It is the responsibility of employers to maintain worksites to ensure workers and other people are not put at risk from workplace infrastructure, equipment or material that have the potential to become flying missiles during a cyclone.

All workplaces should develop a cyclone plan.

Worksite cyclone plans

It is important that responsibility for cyclone preparedness is clearly identified and that those persons allocated responsibilities are appropriately trained. The responsible person should work through checklists which may contain such items as:

  • site inspection
  • securing of materials
  • removal of materials to a safe storage area
  • protection, dismantling of workplace equipment or temporary infrastructure
  • electrical safety - both fixed and construction wiring
  • security of services, for example, water, gas mains
  • briefings for staff.

For general information on preparing for a cyclone, visit the Emergency Services website or contact NT WorkSafe on 1800 019 115.