National Code released for industry to help prevent terrorism

The 'National Code of Practice for Chemicals of Security Concern' has been launched by the Australian Government to help business prevent potentially dangerous chemicals finding their way into the hands of terrorists. The voluntary code contains practical information about how businesses can assess and take steps to reduce their chemical security risks.

Many chemicals are regularly used by various industries for legitimate purposes and of the 40,000 chemicals approved for use in Australia, authorities have identified 96 chemicals that are of security concern.

The code focuses on 11 of the highest risk chemicals that have been successfully used by terrorists around the world to manufacture bombs, which have resulted in mass casualties and damage to property in recent years.

The voluntary code has been developed for businesses involved in the import, manufacture, transport, storage, sale, or use of chemicals - whether that be in a factory, a shop, a laboratory, on a truck, or online.

It forms part of a national strategy to increase chemical security within industry to reduce the risk of those chemicals being diverted for terrorist purposes.

The code was a collaborative project developed by federal, state and territory governments and key representatives from the chemicals industry.

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