Ryan’s legacy to improve safety culture in commercial fishing industry

The death of Ryan Donoghue in 2013 on a fishing vessel in the Gulf of Carpentaria has left a lasting legacy in the Australian commercial fishing industry.

The SeSAFE program has been developed to raise safety awareness, and deliver training and education to an industry that is recognised as one of the highest risk industries in the Australia.

The main component of the SeSAFE program is a Learning Management System (LMS) consisting of multiple training modules designed to deliver work health and safety information to fishers and aquaculture workers prior to working on the water.

As part of their enforceable undertaking with NT WorkSafe, Austral Fisheries has provided additional funding to make the SeSAFE modules available to organisations involved in the training and education of workers in the NT fishing industry. Additional program funding has been provided by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

For more information on the SeSAFE program, visit www.sesafe.com.au

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