2022 Territory Day fireworks campaign

NT WorkSafe has completed its 2022 fireworks campaign aimed at ensuring industry compliance and community safety during Territory Day celebrations.

NT WorkSafe regulates the storage, use and sale of fireworks for Territory Day under the Dangerous Goods legislation.

2022 Compliance Checks

Image shows NT WorkSafe conducted 32 wholesaler inspections and 226 retail site inspections, and gave 81 verbal directions.

Top Compliance Issues

The top compliance issues that required NT WorkSafe inspectors to give verbal directions to correct are:

  1. Fireworks stored near or with an ignition source
  2. Fireworks unsecured to prevent unauthorised access
  3. Fireworks exceeding the allowable amount stored outside of display cabinets
  4. Fireworks stored outside of spark-proof packaging

Image shows NT WorkSafe inspectors conducting compliance checks on Territory Day.

Unused fireworks

The 2022 approved periods for fireworks have expired, and it is now illegal to possess and use fireworks.

The penalty for individuals who are caught illegally possessing fireworks has increased to $1620 effective 1 July 2022.

Do not store fireworks for future use, as the fireworks may deteriorate with age and become unsafe.

Call NT WorkSafe on 1800 019 115 and organise to hand them in for safe disposal. Alternatively, fireworks can be handed in to your local Police Station.

Other fireworks stats for 2022

Licences and permitsImage shows NT WorkSafe issued 101 retail licences, 9 wholesaler licences and 17 fireworks display permits.


Image shows there were 9 wholesalers, 101 retailers, 236 tonnes fireworks imported, 230 tonnes fireworks sold and 6 tonnes fireworks leftover on 2022 Territory Day.