Neutral links in meter boxes

Current electrical safety inspections has identified a growing practice of installing the neutral link to the rear of the meter panel and securing it metal bolts and nuts.

The preferred method is to mount the neutral link inside the box, onto the meter box. The neutral conductor to the meter connection (PWC Metering Manual NP010 shall not be less than 4mm and not more than 6mm. This must be strain relieved at the terminals.

Mounting the neutral link on the back of the meter PANEL has some important safety points to consider:

If using metal fixings to mount the link, these may become active if there is a loose conductor and cause a hazard to a person at the front of the board.

Non-conductive mountings (Nylon bolts and nuts etc.) can be used, however the cables connected to the neutral link must have ‘Strain Relief’ for the terminals to avoid them becoming dislodged when the panel is opened. These cables form the Main Neutral connection to the installation, losing this connection would cause serious risks.

Application of silicon to insulate metal bolts or nuts is not acceptable as this is not a permanent solution.