Government administration and defence

This industry employs 20,964 or 16.7% of all working Territorians1

The main areas of employment are:

  • State (Territory) government administration
  • Local government administration
  • Defence (Regulated by Comcare)

In 2019–20, workers compensation payments totalled $3.993m2 through 220 claims, and resulted in 860 weeks3 of lost work.

The main mechanism of injury for serious injury claims:

  • Being hit by moving object
  • Body stressing
  • Falls, slips and trips of a person

Since 2016 two people4 have died in work-related incidents:

  1. Being hit by a person accidently
  2. Vehicle incident

1Source: Department of Treasury and Finance; ABS, Labour Force, Australia, Detailed Quarterly, Cat. No. 6291.0.55.003.

2Benefit costs reflected are a snap shot at time of publishing.

3Maximum weekly hours of work in accordance with Fair Work - 38 hours per week.

4Both fatalities occurred in Defence.