Evidence-based practice

As a public sector organisation, we have an obligation to use our resources wisely, ensuring we perform our duties effectively and efficiently. We will make our decisions based on assessment against established criteria to ensure consistency.

We have to prioritise our activities so that our efforts are concentrated in areas with the greatest need for intervention. To do that, we have analysed our workers’ compensation data to identify priority industry sectors and mechanisms of injury which will be our focus over the next 12 months.

We will continue to collect, validate and analyse local and national data to identify any developing trends and help us to set our priorities each year. By increasing our proactive and targeted activities in our priority areas, we aim to help employers to reduce the number of workplace fatalities and serious injuries in the Northern Territory.

Our activities

Data collection and validation

  • Data captured accurately, in line with established standards, to meet reporting deadlines.

Data analysis

  • Used to identify priority industries, risks and developing trends each year.


  • Decisions are based on assessment against established criteria and documented.

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