The use of blasting explosives, display fireworks and special effects in the Northern Territory is restricted to people who hold a NT Shotfirers Licence.


To be eligible to apply for this licence you must:

  • be at  least 18 years of age
  • provide proof of identity (refer to bulletin identity requirements – people licensing)
    • one primary document and two secondary documents; or
    • two primary documents and one secondary document
  • have a current criminal history check (issued no more than six months before you apply)
    • new – criminal history fingerprint check
    • renewal or reciprocal – criminal history name check

Note: A dangerous goods security card issued in Western Australia, New South Wales or Queensland is accepted in place of a criminal history check.


  • evidence of competency training and a letter from employer outlining in-house training (no more than six months before you apply)


  • evidence of continual use e.g. blast plans or log books
  • letter from employer outlining practical or continual use


  • current Interstate Shotfirer licence



There are various Shotfirer conditions available depending on the training and/or experience held by the applicant including:

  • agricultural / seismic / small scale blasting;
  • quarrying / open cut;
  • construction;
  • tunnelling and underground mining.

Fireworks display and special effects

There are two shotfirer conditions for fireworks display and special effect available depending on the training and/or experience held by the applicant.

  • Firework displays
    • community events, such as Territory day celebrations, festivals, corporate or sporting events. A community event is an even open to the public, fee or no fee.
  • Special effects
    • close proximity events, such as for film and TV, or indoor/outdoor theatrical events e.g. festivals, ceremonies or performing arts events.

Allowed quantities

A licenced Shotfirer can have in their possession, the below quantity of explosives. It is a condition of their licence that the explosives are used within 3 months after the date of purchase.

Storage of these explosives must be kept in a secure storage facility as per the Dangerous Goods Regulations 1985 and Australian Standard AS2187.

Explosive typeQuantity
Blasting explosives, other than detonators5 kg
Detonators110 (number only)
Detonating cord350 m
Igniters/safety fuse50 kg

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