Shopgoods fireworks

The Northern Territory remains the only jurisdiction in Australia where it is legal for members of the public to purchase and use fireworks. However the approved period to purchase and use fireworks is restricted to 1 July of each year.

Fireworks are classified as Dangerous Goods and are regulated under the Dangerous Goods Act 1998. It is an offence to have possession or to use fireworks outside of the approved period.

What are shopgoods fireworks?

Shopgoods fireworks are fireworks with a pyrotechnic content of 100g or less that are suitable for use by members of the public.

Shopgoods fireworks are all tested to ensure that they can be used safely if handled responsibly and in accordance with the directions supplied. They are, however, explosive articles with the potential to start fires and cause injury, therefore care should be taken and children must be supervised when using them.

As it is illegal to possess shopgoods fireworks in any amount without a permit other than on 1 July for Territory Day celebrations, it is recommended that members of the public only purchase quantities they are able to ignite during the approved period.

The Northern Territory Government banned the sale of all shopgoods fireworks with a sound level of over 115 decibels (dB) in 2014. The ban includes shopgoods fireworks known as ‘Salutes’.

What to do with unused or defective shopgoods fireworks?

NT WorkSafe encourages any person with unused or defective shopgoods fireworks to confidentially hand them into NT WorkSafe offices located in Darwin, Katherine and Alice Springs. Shopgoods fireworks handed into NT WorkSafe will be disposed of in a safe manner. No personal details will be asked of any person handing in shopgoods fireworks