Insurer Requirements

For insurers and self-insurers to operate in the Northern Territory Workers' Compensation Scheme they must be approved by NT WorkSafe.

In deciding whether to give approval the Authority will consider the following factors:

  • the ability of the insurer or self-insurer to provide the necessary insurance service, including its ability to meet time limits imposed by the legislation
  • the likely market share of the insurer and its likely effect on its cost efficiency in supplying the service
  • the financial viability of the insurer or self-insurer, and
  • the insurer's or self-insurer’s ability to provide the statistical and other information required or likely to be required under the legislation.

Best Practice Guidelines for approved insurers and self-insurers

To ensure consistency of claims service approved insurers and self-insurers must agree to comply with NT WorkSafe’s 'Best practice guidelines for approved insurers and self-insurers'.

The Best Practice Guidelines has been developed in consultation with approved insurers. These guidelines are not presented as rules but rather a framework which approved insurers should work towards, recognising the need for discretion for approved insurer management. They are intended as minimum standards which approved insurers are encouraged to improve upon.

For further information please refer to the 'Best practice guidelines for approved insurers and self-insurers' located in the guides list at the bottom of this page.

NT Workers Compensation online training program

NT WorkSafe, in partnership with the Personal Injury Management Education Foundation (PIEF) developed NT WorkSafe’s Northern Territory Workers Compensation Injury Management e-Learning program in collaboration with insurer representatives specifically focused on the Return to Work legislation.

The program will provide the minimum level knowledge required for all scheme participants in the Northern Territory and a consistent approach to claims management including the terminology used.

For further information please refer to the NT Workers Compensation Online Training Program for Insurers.

Insurer guide - Northern Territory workers compensation injury management e-learning program

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