Role of NT WorkSafe

NT WorkSafe is the administrative arm of the Work Heath Authority. The Work Health Authority is a person appointed by the Minister under the Work Health Administration Act 2011.

Below are the functions provided by NT WorkSafe:

  • NT WorkSafe has powers under the Return to Work Act 1986 to:

    • administer the Act
    • monitor compliance with, and enforce, the Act
    • further the object of the Act
  • In its role to administer the Act, NT WorkSafe:

    • encourages the provision of appropriate and early rehabilitation treatment of workers incapacitated or impaired in compensation incidents
    • identifies the rehabilitation services needed in the Northern Territory for workers injured in workplace injuries
  • A key role of NT WorkSafe is to monitor, collect and analyse data on compensable incidents in the Territory.

    • records the Authority holds for its purposes are all policies of insurance or indemnity issued, cancelled, renewed or lapsed and every claim made and payments made on these claims.
    • NT Worksafe codes NT claim information for statistical purposes and provides statistical data to Safe Work Australia to meet national reporting requirements.
  • At its absolute discretion, NT WorkSafe approves insurers and self-insurers:

    • to provide workers’ compensation insurance subject to conditions the Authority thinks appropriate
    • it is important that insurers work co-operatively with NT WorkSafe to achieve the best performance for the scheme.