Workers compensation national guides

The framework and guides listed below are supported by NT WorkSafe, we believe these guidance materials provide the necessary assistance to insurers and other stakeholder's to improve awareness in the management of the workers compensation process and return to work best practices.

Health benefits of good work

Health benefits of good work is based on the principals that:

  • work is generally good for mental and physical health and wellbeing
  • work can help in the recovery from injury or illness
  • good outcomes are more likely when individuals understand the health benefits of good work, and are empowered to take responsibility for their own situation
  • an early, supported return to work can reduce the risk of longer term disability

NT WorkSafe is a proud signatory to the Consensus Statement of the Health Benefit of Good Work, we recognise that work is good for heath and wellbeing

Taking Action: A best practice framework for the management of psychological claims in Australian workers compensation

This national framework was developed in partnership with Safe Work Australia and SuperFriend, a national mental health foundation and reflects the important role of the insurer and employer in a person-centred claims management process.

The frameworks key focus is to empower and support workers who suffer or are at risk of developing a psychological injury by providing practical and evidence-based guidance to help workers compensation insurers and claims managers to better support workers.

Taking action: A best practice framework for the management of psychological claims in Australian workers compensation

Clinical framework for the delivery of health services

NT WorkSafe has endorsed the clinical framework, which outlines a set of guiding principals for the delivery of allied health services to injured workers. The framework has been established to:

  • optimise health and return to work outcomes
  • inform healthcare providers about NT WorkSafe's expectations for the management of injured workers
  • provide a set of guiding principals for the provision of healthcare services for injured workers, healthcare professionals and insurers
  • ensure healthcare services are goal oriented, evidence-based and clinically justified

All allied healthcare providers dealing with injured workers are encouraged to adopt these principles within the standards of their professions.

Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services